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We’re back tonight with Gabey Lucas hosting our weekly Tuesday Open Mic! The mic stays open on Friday, too with Rick Taylor as your MC/MVP. Then Saturday marks the triumphant return of Roast Beef – a one-on-one comedic roast battle, where comics wage war on their best buds for your sick pleasure. And as always, Sunday night means Comedy Church here at Jai Thai – with the reverend Nancy Jean Naly as master of ceremonies for the evening.

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Our week begins tonight with Capitol Hill’s favorite open mic, with a guest host up from Sunny Tacoma, WA – Isaac Campbell-Smith!
Then we’ve got a double header of delightful lineups at Punchline Friday & Saturday Showcases, headlined by Katie Nguyen from Portland, OR – Katie has toured all over the country, and been featured at festivals like 10,000 Laughs (Minneaoplis), SF Sketchfest, and Bridgetown Comedy Festival. RSVP to these events at !!
Then join us Sunday night for Comedy Church, a holy place to hoot and holler, with 3-minute open mic sets from comedy n00bs, touring pros, and everyone in between! Hosted by the un-nointed Father Ian O’Mara!

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